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Dinner Menu



Garlic Bread (5 pieces per serve)                                                                  $5.50

Cheesy Tomato Bread                                                          $5.50

(5 pieces per serve)

Spring Rolls (4) (V) – with dipping sauce                                         $13

Thai Squid Salad (GF)                                                                    $15

Garlic Prawns (GF) served with rice & salad                                                            $16

Stuffed Mushrooms (V) (GF) –                                                     $13

Pumpkin, Basil & Goats’ Cheese                    

Prawn & Chorizo Salad                                                          $16


Extras/ Sides

Side of Chips                              $2.50

Bowl of Chips                              $5

Sweet Potato Chips               $7

Side of Vegetables                  $5

Side of Salad                              $5



    Popcorn Chicken –                                                                                $12
      Herb & Spiced Fried Chicken pieces served
      with Aioli                                                 

   Grilled Chorizo                                                                                          $11     
      with Toasted Bread

    Pork Ribs with BBQ glaze                                                            $16

    Mac n’ Cheese balls –                                                                        $11
      Super Cheesy served with Spicy Tomato Chutney                                       

   Chipotle Chicken Wings -                                                               $10
      With Ranch dipping sauce                                                                                 

    Yakitori Chicken –                                                                                 $   9
      Chicken Skewers with Sweet Soy glaze                                                              


 Kids Menu – All $10.50

    Battered Fish & Chips

    Crumbed Squid Rings & Chips

    Nuggets & Chips

    Pasta – Plain Tomato, Cheesy or Bolognaise Sauce

    Mini Chicken Schnitzel – Chips & Gravy

   Sausages – Mash or Chips with Gravy


    *All meals are available for dine in or takeaway.


Main Menu

Vegetable Lasagna (GF) (V) –                                                                $25

Layers of Roasted Vegetable & sautéed Kale. Covered in rich Homemade Napolitana Sauce. Served with Chips & Garden Salad.


Caesar Salad -                                                                                                $20

Crisp Cos Lettuce, Bacon, Parmesan, Croutons, Anchovies & Poached Egg with Caesar Dressing.   Add Chicken $5   Add Prawns $8   Add Squid $8




Fish & Chips –                                                                                                 $25

Beer Battered or Grilled served with Lemon, Tartare, Chips & Salad.


Creamy Garlic Prawns -                                                                               $30

Served with Steamed Rice & Steamed Buttered Greens.


Red Emperor -                                                                                                  $26

Grilled & Coated with a Sweet Soy glaze. Served on Rice & Crispy Asian Salad.


Seafood Combo -                                                                                           $27

Battered Fish, Crumbed Prawns, Salt & Pepper Squid & Prawn Twisters.

Comes with Chips, Salad & Tartare Sauce.




Chicken or Beef Crumbed Schnitzel –                                                $26

Choice of:

Gravy, Mushroom or Green Peppercorn Sauce

Creamy Garlic $2 extra

Parmigiana Topping $2 extra

Hawaiian Topping $2 extra


Main Menu



Porterhouse (GF) –                                                                                    $35

300gm, Cooked to your liking with a choice of Chips & Salad or Vegetables & Mash. Choice of Sauces: Gravy, Mushroom, Green Peppercorn or Creamy Garlic.

Reef Topping $5 extra


Scotch Fillet (GF) –                                                                                  $39

300gm, Cooked to your liking with a choice of Chips & Salad or Vegetables & Mash. Choice of Gravy, Mushroom, Green Peppercorns or Creamy Garlic.


Reef & Beef -                                                                                                  $44

300gm, Scotch Fillet covered in Creamy Garlic Prawns.

Served with choice of Chips & Salad or Vegetables & Mash.


Chicken Breast                                                                                              $28

Stuffed with Herb & Spiced Butter. Wrapped in Prosciutto & served with

Sweet Potato Chips & Steamed Vegetables.




Beef Burger -                                                                                                $20

180gm, Beef Pattie, Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Cheese, Special Sauce & Onion Rings on a Toasted Bun. Served with Chips.


Chicken -                                                                                                          $17

Chicken Breast, Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese & Aioli. Served with Chips.


Veggie -                                                                                                             $16

Veggie Pattie, Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado, Cheese & Aioli. Served with Chips.



All served with a choice of Chips & Salad, or Vegetables & Mash




Main Menu

Pizzas – 12” Base (8 Slices)
All Pizzas made with our homemade Napolitana Sauce


Margherita -                                                                                                      $17

Sauce; Fresh Tomato, Basil & Cheese.



Hawaiian -                                                                                                           $18

Sauce; Shredded Ham, Pineapple & Cheese.



Vegetarian -                                                                                                        $18

Sauce; Fresh Tomato, Capsicum, Olives, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Basil & Cheese.



Supreme -                                                                                                           $20

Sauce; Salami, Bacon, Mushroom, Capsicum, Olives & Cheese.



Meat Lovers -                                                                                                    $22

Sauce; Bacon, Chicken, Beef Strips, Salami & Cheese. Finished with BBQ Sauce.



BBQ Chicken -                                                                                            $22

Sauce; Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple, Red Onion, Capsicum, & Cheese. Finished with BBQ Sauce.



Prawn & Chorizo -                                                                                          $24

Sauce; Prawns, Chorizo, Bacon, Fresh Tomato, Bocconcini & Basil.





Available until 8pm

Extra toppings of Meat, Chicken & Cheese $2

Extra toppings of Vegetables $1





Flourless Chocolate Cake -                                                                    $12

A rich almond meal-based cake served warm with Berry Coulis, Fresh Fruit, Cream or Ice Cream.


Sticky Date Pudding -                                                                                $11

Covered in a Creamy Caramel Sauce & served with Fresh Berries, Cream or Ice Cream.


Mini Pavlova -                                                                                                  $10

Served with Fresh Fruit, Berry Coulis, Cream or Ice Cream.


German Apple Cake -                                                                                $11

A short crust sponge filling with Apple & Cranberries & doused in Vanilla Custard,

comes with Cream or Ice Cream.


Nut Sundae -                                                                                                  $8

Ice cream, Whipped Cream, Chopped Peanuts & choice of Topping.

Extra Fresh Fruit optional $3


Cheese Platter -                                                                                           $17

A selection of (4) Hard & Soft cheese. Served with accompaniments including

 Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Lavoche, Fruit Pastes & Compotes.



Reservation Required
Charge To Guest Room
Children Meals Served

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